KPPA Mission

KPPA wants to create awareness among the community by introducing Permaculture in Africa as a whole. KPPA will also provide education to communities and agriculture stake holders. The training modality is based on practical, hands-on Permaculture skills in order to promote total human livelihood and environment sustainability.

KPPA Facilities

KPPA has developed a Permaculture demonstration farm, called JOSAGA EAGLE FARM, which contain almost all Permaculture features. The farm has applied Permaculture Ethics, Design and Principles and is placed very close to the road to have a good access for the community. KPPA will be developing a more integrated complex which contains all Permaculture facilities i.e. buildings, energy saving structures and visible Permaculture zones putting into mind Permaculture Design, Ethics, and Principles. It is a KPPA vision to establish a practical Permaculture facility with international standards.