1. Learning centre

KPPA is an international centre for acquiring Permaculture skills and knowledge. The setting of the facility provides a conducive environment for cross cultures and professionals to acquire necessary Permaculture hands on experiences. KPPA Primary Goal is
  • To create Permaculture awareness to the community
  • To provide hands on Permaculture skills and knowledge
  • To provide hands on Permaculture experiences to leaders and influential people
  • To establish Permaculture farms in primary and secondary schools
  • 2. Centre for Knowledge Exchange

    KPPA will highly appreciate the participation of students, permaculturists, environmentalists, agriculturists, ecologist, and all stakeholders from all around the world. Their contribution will be highly valued and will catalyse the development of the facility.

    3. Research Centre

    Due to its complexity and ecological richness, KPPA will allow researchers to do research related to Permaculture and environmental aspects. The feedback from researchers will help in coming up with more plausible design and more interactive elements.

    4. Tourist Hub

    Its design, location and ecological richness shall attract many Permaculturist groups and tourists. A lot of the Permaculture elements are unknown to most people so is great adventure and inspiration for many. KPPA is located near many tourist attractive centres. Therefore, it is worthwhile for tourists interested in Permaculture and environment to spend a day at KPPA.